Team includes more than 45+ experienced individuals with 50+ years of combined experience

Public and private heath and policies

  • Quality, Safety & Risk Management

  • Accreditation Standards

  • Health economics & outcomes research

  • Business Intelligence

  • Medical Technologies Regulatory Affairs

Medical Facilities and Medical Schools Planning, Design, Construction Support and Equipping

  • Strategy, Governance.

  • Feasibility and Business Plans.

  • Project Planning, Management.

  • Client Representation.

  • Procurement and Acceptance Testing.

  • Hospital Planning including services, infrastructure, systems & equipment.

  • Healthcare Technology Management and Hospital Based Healthcare Technology Assessment

National Healthcare Systems

  • HEOR evidence reports.

  • Patient safety, quality, & accreditation standards.

  • Regulation of health technologies.

  • Interoperability.

  • Organizational schemes for medical equipment maintenance and contracting procedures.

  • Mediation Adoption in Medical Institution.

Education & Training (& other related services)

  • Healthcare Governance

  • Hospital Based Technology Assessment

  • Safety and Risk

  • Quality

  • Physical Therapy

  • Diagnostic Radiology

  • Health Informatics & IT

  • Data Management and Analytics

  • Clinical Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Medical Simulation

  • Research and Teaching Labs and Equipment

About the Experts

More than 45 experts who closely collaborate with years of experience ranging from 12–40 and most are above 20 years in the following fields;

  • Public health, Hospital administration, Health management, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dietary, CSSD, OR, and others.

  • Biomedical engineering, Facilities engineering, Healthcare IT, Medical IT, Medical simulation, Healthcare project management, Engineering services for teaching and research labs, Medical, food & nutrition, Environmental.

Projects implemented and Consultations provided in 16 countries:

  • Lebanon, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan.

Scope of projects done:

  • National Healthcare Systems, clinics, university medical schools and medical centers up to 1,600 beds.

Work performed for:

  • Government agencies, WHO, World Bank, international cooperations, private institutions, private investors.