About us!

Purpose of the association

    • Contribte to enhancing the performance level in the field of the management of health care.

    • Establish a platform for communication between the administrative officials in the field of the management of health care.

    • Set and prepare educational programs leading to specialization and continuous education.

    • Spread its membership and diversify the different specializations of health management.

    • Hold scientific and educational seminars and conferences to develop information and research regarding scientific topics related to health management.

    • Work on activating a platform or a center to look into health topics and suggests solutions for them in the field of health management.

    • Contribute and participate in studies and researches in the field of health care management in order to help reaching solutions or suggestions to develop these services.

    • Cooperate with regional, international, NGOs and other bodies in Lebanon, Arab states and international communities to enhance the level of health management.

About the LHMA

Healthcare Management, Policies and Research

About the HTMA

Healthcare Technology Management