About us!

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Purpose of the association

    • Contribte to enhancing the performance level in the field of the management of health care.
    • Establish a platform for communication between the administrative officials in the field of the management of health care.
    • Set and prepare educational programs leading to specialization and continuous education.
    • Spread its membership and diversify the different specializations of health management.
    • Hold scientific and educational seminars and conferences to develop information and research regarding scientific topics related to health management.
    • Work on activating a platform or a center to look into health topics and suggests solutions for them in the field of health management.
    • Contribute and participate in studies and researches in the field of health care management in order to help reaching solutions or suggestions to develop these services.
    • Cooperate with regional, international, NGOs and other bodies in Lebanon, Arab states and international communities to enhance the level of health management.

Who we are?

The Lebanese HealthCare Management Association (LHMA) since April 2001

Founded by Dr. Nabil Kronfol, the LHMA is a professional not-for-profit association, duly registered in Lebanon. It purports to be an association for health care professionals who are working in health care management facilities and programs. LHMA will expand all necessary efforts towards its goal of improving the health status of the population by advancing health care education, leadership and consultation. The LHMA aims to become the platform for discussion of health systems in Lebanon and to propose recommendations for development and reform; in brief the “Cenacle Libanais” for Health Affairs.

Members come from diverse groups of professionals with experince in public health, health care management and health technology advancement.

What do we do?

We bring people together to improve population health by advancing health care management, education, leadership & the use of technology.

How do we do it?

We connect professionals to lead initiatives for the advancement of population health, healthcare management & technology innovation through education, collaborations, consultations, conferences, publications & focus groups.

LHMA Executive Committee

Dr. Mohamad Hamandi
Resp. for gov. affairs
Mr. Walid Hallassou
Ms. Sizar Akoum
Dr. Mona Osman
Dr. Fadi El Jardali
Vice President
Mr. Joe-Max Wakim
Dr. Thalia Arawi
Mr. Toni Oneissi
Ms. Rita Rahbani
Dr. Lilian Ghandour
Dr. Myrna Doumit
Dr. Vincent Mazraani

Health Technology Management and Advancement (HTMA) committee

Purpose: Lead innovative healthcare technology management, assessment and advancement of solutions and initiatives for safe quality healthcare, education and research through the development of professionals, standards, systems, and technologies in Lebanon and the region.

Dr. Sandy Rihani
Mr. Riad Farah
Mr. Bassam Tabshouri

HTMA Committee goals

  • Participate in the development of the medical and biological engineering profession, and the recognition and awareness of the profession by the public
  • Promote the dissemination and application of medical-clinical/technology knowledge for improved health and quality of life:
  • Facilitate collaboration and cooperation and information exchange between its members and the medical, nursing, public health and paramedical societies and the community at large.
  • Promote collaboration between national and transnational societies, industry, government and non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions engaged in health care and in biomedical research
  • Assist in the exchange of scientific, professional and policy development at national, regional and international conferences, workshops and other forums.
  • Recommend policies and provide guidelines in related professional, educational and ethical areas
  • Assist in the setting of guidelines for the accreditation of medical-clinical and biomedical engineers and technicians and for the professional practice for medical-clinical and biomedical engineers and technicians involved in health care delivery
  • Recommend a code of ethics for the profession.
  • Promote excellence in the management and support of healthcare technology within healthcare organizations and related business entities, including planning, procurement, evaluation, installation, preventive and corrective maintenance, overhaul, and replacement, in a safe and cost-effective manner;
  • Promote patient safety, and quality of care principles when using medical technologies.
  • Contribute to the education and training of professionals in the application of science and technology
  • Promote risk management guidelines and good practices.
  • Encourage multidisciplinary collaboration on innovating new products and have technology start-ups.
  • Collaborate with other groups on the issue of Healthcare Technology Assessment.